Applications drive a company’s motivation to remain competitive in today’s complex business environment. Applications are a result of the company’s goal to streamline business processes and systems —but the challenges of supporting heterogeneous application environments are increasing due to global competition.

Through application development services, Ein-Sof can industrialize application development, maintenance and support to align IT investments with our customer’s strategic initiatives, which can reduce costs by as much as 50 percent.

Implementation Processes

With almost twenty years of application development experience, Ein-Sof offers a full spectrum of Application Development Services covering application management, development and maintenance. We have deep relationships with Microsoft, IBM and open source platform providers and continually strengthening our standard services innovations in areas such as cloud, mobility, integration, unified communications, digital marketing and ERP systems integration. We follow one of the two approaches to application development and integration:

    • Enterprise Application Development services Enterprise Application Development is used for the large and enterprise application development projects or for mid-size but more complex environments that require detail analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems.


    • Rapid Application Development services- Rapid Application Development are typically used in smaller projects, pilot or “proof of concepts” in the form of a “scrum” method to meet our customers agile expectations.


    • ERP solutions implementation - The management of the information and the functions of your organization is a complex task. An ERP solution will promote seamless integration of your operational processes, but only if implemented with a high level of quality and commitment. We are experienced in implementing ERP solutions from different vendors in a wide range of industries.


    • eCommerce services - With the increasing popularity of online shopping has increased the needs for eCommerce platform services. Ein-Sof offers full spectar of eCommerce services through implementing Magento platform. With implementation of eCommerce platform your business will gain features like: – Site management, – Analytics/Reporting, – Checkout, payment and Shipping, – Order management, – Marketing Promotions and tools, – SEO, – Customer Accounts, – Customer Services and International Support and – Mobile Commerce.


    • Business process analysis - Our experience in business process analysis for the purposes of Information System design and implementation, allows us to bring improvements in your business operations, implementing best practices and increasing your efficiency and productivity.


  • Document Management solutions- The speed with which you can find any document will revolutionise your efficiency. Retrieving documents, the cost of misfiling and outright document loss all contribute to increased overheads, additional effort and poor service.