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Code- Documents and Protect Versions in Windows with Code Folder When you have protected and private info or records on your PC, subsequently its generally excellent to have the files and folders guarded having a password. IOBit has launched a new beta-version of the software that was freeware called Password Folder. Which could password protect folders and your files from read, being observed or revised. First time you utilize the application, for accessing the application you must set a code,. From the choices, you can set versions based utilizing the tool’s choice and presence. You can either draganddrop the file or make use of the surf selection to secure files or any file. Cover folders, records, photographs movies Effortlessly stop access to documents, macsequence.com versions, and programs you choose From being changed by others protect your records,. Preserve records, your individual info, pictures or videos into Password Directory Guard information or your important records from compromised by others, changed, or being inadvertently wiped. Code Directory is freeware which is quick and safe solution to lock you documents and files.

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