Custom Software Development

We recognize that each business has its own unique processes and associated technology needs. To drive efficiencies and to achieve its mission, a business must have a set of effective technology solutions. Our mission at Ein Sof is to support the mission of our customers. We do this by offering a number of Custom Software Development services that are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. Using Ein Sof allows our customers to focus on what they do best while enabling them to save costs, be more customer-friendly and increase time-to-market. Our custom development services include:

Application Maintenance and Enhancement

Businesses often have older technologies that are important to running their operations. Similarly, software companies often have older versions of their products that still generate recurring (and some new) revenue. In both cases, these technologies are areas for some, but not necessarily significant, new investment. Frequently, a lot of time and money is spent on maintaining these important technologies and they require the attention of valuable (and expensive resources).

Ein Sof’s application maintenance services offer companies the opportunity to partner with an established firm whose core focus is on providing development services with a structured approach. We seek to collaborate with our customers to understand not only their specific application, but also the customer’s buiness, information architecture, technology roadmap and development and QA processes. This allows us to deliver value by meeting business as well as technology needs. Our services offer the benefits of reduced support costs, continuous quality improvements and responsiveness when enhancements are needed.

New Software Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Businessmen and individuals are utilizing mobile devices for more and more of their daily tasks. The statistics point to an even greater preponderance moving into the future. Businesses must be able to deliver their message and access to their products and services to a large and growing mobile audience. Ein Sof offers the ability to create these applications in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our approach ensures that ergonomics, functionality and customer-experience are all addressed. The outcome is a mobility application that supports the ongoing mission of our customers.

Legacy Software Migration

Companies have traditionally invested signficantly in technology to drive their business objectives. Ultimately, the landscape of their business or technology environment changes and they are left trying to make do with a technology solution that just doesn’t effectively meet the needs of the business any longer. Often, the business holds off making the necessary changes due to cost and the lack of in-house knowledge of contemporary technology. Ein Sof is the perfect partner to help you move your business forward. We are cost effective, yet extremely thorough in understanding, documenting and delivering on your requirements. The outcome is that your company will be better able to meet its mission.

eCommerce Application Development

Increasingly, commerce is transacted online. Ein Sof recognizes that eCommerce is vital for businesses that have a sizable, or entire, portion of their transactions that occur over the net. We create eCommerce applications to enable efficient shopping within the framework of targeted and friendly customer engagement.

Custom Application Integration Development Services

Few businesses operate with a single technology solution. Usually there are many technologies within an organization and even the need to connect with technologies outside of the organization. Ein Sof’s application integration services allow a business to optimize its investment in its various systems by providing the ability of the applications to communicate with each other. The outcome is reduced manual tasks, improved accuracy, more timely information and lower costs.