Every company has different requirements, business processes and challenges. Knowing the solution and how to leverage technology to drive efficiencies and profitabilty takes experts to work closely with you. Ein-Sof’s experts seek to understand your needs and requirements and align them with our solutions and leverage our enterprise software success in the Custom Software Development, Commercial Lending Solutions and Cloud CRM  Services arenas.

Custom Software Development

Ein Sof recognizes the crucial role that a custom-tailored technology solution can play in the success of a business.  With many years of pleasing customers by developing software solutions to meet their unique needs, Ein Sof has allowed its customers to achieve their missions.  Our team of technology experts stand at the ready to understand your business requirements and collaborate with you to achieve your mission.

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Commercial Lending Solutions

Ein-Sof has a created a platform called “MAXCommercial” that started as a cohesive portfolio due diligence platform designed to optimize loan review in portfolio acquisition or sale process. The solution has literally revolutionized the loan review process as it combines automated workflow with single page data entry/validation, built in calculations and dynamic loan/pool analytics.

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Cloud CRM Services

Cloud-Sof has been focused on delivering Cloud based solutions for its customers in several industries including Automotive, Healthcare, Financial Services and HighTech. We are a global leader in software development and CRM implementations.

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