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Document Security

Document Security

Virtual information room offers numerous document security attributes that keep your enterprise documents and sensitive data protected. Document security features vary from watermarking into data-at-rest encryption with customer controlled encryption keys.

Dynamic Watermarks

Dynamic watermarks are automatically embedded into each document downloaded from the virtual data room. The watermark can include the date of the download, the name of the undertaking, the title and even the IP address of the person that has downloaded the file.

Document Expiry

Sometimes called datarooms “self-destructing record” or “remote devastation”, this security feature allows to revoke the right of entry into the document at any time, even after the user has already downloaded the document. This record protection feature helps prevent unwarranted record distribution.

Restricted Seeing

This document security attribute allows to block parts of the screen while the seeing the file in the online browser. This helps prevent security breaches like unsolicited seeing in public places, camera-based strikes, or screen capture.

256-Bit SSL Encryption

256-bit AES SSL encryption is the gold standard for online banking and e-commerce transactions. Start looking for the greatest standard or data encryption through data transit to and from the virtual data area, as well as while the information is stored within it.

Document Access Limits

Document security policies permit you to specify custom degrees of file protection. For every document in the digital data room you are able to define the rights to view, share, edit, or download the first or watermarked document. Print Screen button might also be limited. You can specify the rights of file access for every user of the digital data room.

Data Backup

Data backup adds yet another layer of file security assuring that files uploaded to the digital data room can’t ever be lost or ruined. Look for the digital data room that provides real-time file backup through encrypted VPN tunnels.

Virus Scanning

Virtual data rooms automatically scans all uploaded documents for viruses or other defects. Most virtual data rooms won’t permit the upload defective documents.

On Save/On Open Encryption

On open encryption will automatically disconnect the file upon opening to prevent unauthorized access within unsecured network. On rescue encryption will make sure that files are safeguarded during storage while staying unreadable to unauthorized parties.

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